Hoarders: Money Edition.

6 Jan

I hoard money.  I hoard money and vacation days. Everything else I throw out.  


The first time I recall purchasing something with my own money was when I purchased NSYNC’s debut CD.  I saved the small fortune I earned while being a mother’s helper (Question: is that even a thing any more? The job in which one is too young to be responsible alone for another living creature i.e. babysit, yet old enough to entertain a child while the parents escaped to another room for some time to clean/cook/pretend they don’t have kids).  My dad took me to the mall so I could get the new CD from Sam Goody. Yes in 1998 CDs and CD stores were still in existence.  I was so giddy with excitement that I actually ran straight into a pole while admiring the hunky boy band on the cover of my shiny, new purchase while traversing through the parking lot.  The excitement wore off as soon as I got home. My 7 year old, already over analytical, self was flooded with buyer’s remorse and I insisted on returning it promptly and getting my $19.99 back.  


To this day I have an incredibly difficult time pulling the trigger on purchases.  Embarrassing to admit, but I add things to online shopping bags and visit the mall at least bi-weekly, and almost always leave with nothing.  I am not sure why this is. I am sure if I was on Oprah Suze Orman would scream her approval at me, while Oprah would tell me that there is some deep seeded emotional issue that I need to work through in therapy.  Sometimes I think it is because my taste exceeds my budget and therefore I think ‘why even bother’.  


This is certainly not the worst problem in the world to have (have you seen that show “My Strange Addiction??). I have a considerable amount of savings for my age and pathetic excuse for a salary.  While I am all about being fiscally conservative the inability to spend money often causes me to miss out on enjoyable life experiences.  For example, I think ‘hey it would be fun to travel.’  Then I immediately think of how if I took that money and put it in my investment fund I could hit a new personal savings milestone.  And like a crack addict my eyes get crazy and any thought of a trip immediately vanishes from my frontal lobe.


So yea.  I mean, at this rate when I am like 60 I will have a considerable nest egg to retire on I suppose. But I have a slight inkling that is not what life is about: passing up all life events and sitting around and watching your savings account grow.  (OMG HOW PATHETIC DOES THAT SOUND. SHIT.).


So the moral of this story is that I have to fight my aversion to save in the best way I know how: to budget.  I need to budget an amount to spend.  I think this will allow me to spend without that deep-seeded frenzy sensation that typically occurs in my chest when I swipe my credit card.


The second, and more obvious, moral of this story is $19.99 for a NSYNC CD…is STILL totally not worth it.

Wasn’t into Justin or JC…Joey was were it was at. So young, such terrible judgement.



Two Thousand and Fourteen.

1 Jan

ImageThe idea of holiday that is full of promise, fresh starts and a desire for change has always been appealing to me.  We can all have a new beginning whenever we decide, but I can’t help but like New Years a whole lot.  As 2013 comes to a close I am more confident, stronger and focused than I have been in my whole life.


This is the most excited I have ever been for the New Year.  I am not excited for what 2014 will bring me; I am excited for what I will bring to 2014.  I don’t believe in resolutions or wishes.  I believe in plans.  Remember as you enter 2014 with the best of intentions, progress is change.  Change doesn’t require perfection just consistent effort.  The only way you can “fail” at your goal is if you give up on it.  I am not hoping for anything this year, I am planning for everything.


Happy New Years! I don’t wish you success or happiness in the New Year, but I sure hope you are planning for it.

Sunday with Stacey

7 Mar

I am getting ready for this weekend by FINALLY posting about last weekend.  My dear little madre came home from her annual birthday vacation in Grand Cayman and we spent Sunday walking around Rittenhouse.

Nothing exceptionally notable.  Caught up on the events of the week, mainly her vacation. Browsed the black hole that is Barnes and Noble.  You can bury hours in that store faster than you could in a Law and Order marathon.

Obviously we went to our favorite “compromise store” (i.e. a store in which we both enjoy equally)Anthropology.  Housewares for her, fashion for me.

The actual design and layout of the store is so….cool.  The space itself is beautiful and the decor only enhances its features instead of taking away from them.

Started from the bottom now we here...


Sweet Dreams

You know had to get a little “Selfie Sunday” action in…

Selfie Sunday in Anthro

Until Stace crashed my shot and therefore making it 1000x better.

How adorbz!

My mother is like my own mini-me.

The weekend is one day away! We can do this!!

Think About It…

1 Mar

“It is a time when there is much in the window, but nothing in the room.”Dalai Lama, The Paradox of Our Age

The Paradox of Our Age

Dayum, O.

26 Feb

Is Omarion hot?  Is that possible?  The same pre-pubescent wannabe thug from B2K?

You remember these studs...

You remember these studs…

 No it can’t be.  It must be the video. Or the song.  Or the hot girl making him look good.

Whatever. The video is hot.  Obbbsssessssseeeddd.

I really want someone to throw me on the counter. But you know, I’m here instead. #lifeinacubicle.


What Keeps Me Going…

25 Feb
This. Is. Everything.

This. Is. Everything.

This is all I want in life?  Is that so much to ask for?? One day.

Recognize I’m Back

25 Feb

“Failure doesn’t mean you are a failure it just means you haven’t succeeded yet.”-Robert H. Schuller

Well, let me tell you.  I started the new job about 2 months ago.  Nothing but misery has ensued.  I have completely lost my mind in addition to losing touch with all my friends, family, and anything that gives me enjoyment in life.

I haven’t worn a stitch of make-up in FOUR WEEKS. FOUR WEEKS. Although this is a sure sign that I have given up on life completely, I have to admit it is semi-liberating.  Not in a weird feminist-bra-burning type of way, but more in a I-have-an-extra-10-minutes-in-the-morning kind of way.

On the way to work this morning at 7AM. No make-up and IDGAF.

On the way to work this morning at 7AM. No make-up and IDGAF.

Anyway. Shit is real out here.  And I am for sure going through depression.  Not only because my job is all-consuming and wretched.  BUT also because I feel like I am not really living the life that I want to live in general.  I mean you picture you life when you graduate one way and I am certainly not living that picture…yet.

I was inspired  to start reaching different goals and getting back on track this weekend by two different places:

  1. I read this career advice site that said start doing the work for the job you want NOW. What does that mean ? Well I suppose it means that if you want to be an artist but you are slaving away at the local drug store (Started from the Bottom) you should probably paint in your free time.  Get your skills up and maybe get noticed even if you aren’t getting paid.  Duh, that makes sense.
  2.  As I complain about my life 24/7 (yea I totally know I need a better attitude—fuck off), I was complaining to my perfect friend.  She  suggested that sometimes you need to reconnect with something you truly enjoy or that makes you proudWell, that seems logical yet brilliant at the same time.  But what makes me happy, what do I enjoy doing?

Conclusion: BLOGGINGDuhhhh.  As I want a career eventually in social media/communications.  This is a natural choice.  But more importantly blogging reconnects me to what makes me happy.  Like an online diary (since no one reads it anyway).  It is cyberspace place to therapeutically track my life and more importantly explore my interests.  

Soooo here we go again. Back to blogging. Not promising everyday. Not promising a theme or anything consistent.  Not even promising quality posts.  But hell, have I ever had a single quality post?

This is for me…

…but I hope you like it.